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Drop Bear NFT

Drop Bear NFT

Drop Bear NFTs offer a quite unique and exciting way to collect, trade, and showcase artwork from some of the currently most renowned digital artists in the world. So, whether you’re an art collector or just getting into the whole “NTF thing”, Drop Bears is a great and fun place to start!

Drop Bear NFTs is a peculiar new type of cryptocurrency that focuses largely on giving back to charities, specifically those that help koala bears.

The People Behind Drop Bear

Situated on the Eastern coast of Australia, an area that was heavily impacted in 2019 by the black summer bushfires, a little team of indigenous founders and Crypto devotees wanted to do something great for their home. They fused true Aussie humour with ingenious planning and thus conceived Drop Bears. On this really unique NFT platform, you can purchase distinct and funny digital tokens representing aspects of Australian wildlife.

Follow Along on Their Roadmap!

Drop Bear is currently working on a roadmap for their curious NFT project. This map includes exciting milestones such as launching an NFT marketplace, developing new tools to simplify the process of creating and managing NFT portfolios, and integrating it with existing platforms. In addition, the roadmap gives the creators, stakeholders, and NFT owners, an overview of the journey ahead, giving their customers special treats to look forward to. According to this roadmap, Drop Bear will be able to provide customers with a streamlined and super user-friendly experience when creating and managing their NFTs.

Purchasing from the Drop Bear Collection

You choose 2 Drop Bears that you can use interactively on the platform. Then you can send them out on exciting journeys to scope out “the weird noises coming from the swamp”. Only 1 of them will return, though, and this one will have changed after the trip.

Includes a Scholarship Program

A special treat for the Drop Bear community is The Axie Scholarship Program which enables members of the platform to not only play Axies and also make some quid from it. Simultaneously, this will also bring more people into Drop Bear space and offer them the chance to explore Axies for themselves.

Coming up on Drop Bear

  • “Staking”: A way to use and earn tokens from staking your Drop Bears and Bush Chooks within the game.
  • Gamification: The developers have been contacted!
  • More AMAs to come

Help the Koalas with Drop Bear NFTs

The bushfires that ravage most of Australia every year are inherently destructive to the habitats of the continent’s native animals. One species that is particularly vulnerable is the koala bear. Koalas are very docile and move slowly, which in turn means that they can’t flee the bushfires, deeming them completely helpless.

These furry marsupials are found nowhere else in the world but in Australia, and their numbers have already declined for years due to habitat loss and other human-related factors. The fires are thus an additional major setback for koalas, and in 2020 WWF reported a staggering 60.000 koalas were impacted by the bushfires that year! While some bears were able to escape the flames, many of them are still struggling to survive in a landscape that has been forever changed, which is one of the reasons why this koala crisis is still ongoing.

So, if you are looking for a way to make an actual impact and help save the koalas, Drop Bear is a great way to start.  So far, their charity organisation has donated $50,000 AUD to support the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, $10.000 AUD to Magnetic Island Koala Hospital, and $5.000 to Koala Clancy Foundation. Additionally, also contribute 2% of all secondary sales to support the koala species.

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